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What are Annual Passes?

Annual passes are stickers that are affixed to a vehicle windshield for discounts. Day use and camping fees are required at most state parks and historic sites. Frequent visitors often purchase annual passes. Annual day use passes cover all day use fees for one vehicle for the calendar year. Annual camping passes cover all camping fees for one vehicle for the calendar year. A camping pass does not cover day use fees. To cover both fees, customers should purchase both passes. Note: Annual camping passes are only available to Wyoming residents.

Additional Vehicles - Discounted Permits
Customers who have purchased annual permits for a vehicle at the regular or early bird price may purchase permits for additional vehicles registered to their same name or address at 50% off (of the normal price). Unless purchased at the same time as your original permits, additional vehicle stickers can only be purchased through parks/selling agents or by calling 877-996-7275

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